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New ProMark Drum Lesson Series - Lesson 1 Launched.


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Hey Most Worthy Drum Dudes and Dudettes!


Check out this first in a series of lessons provided by ProMark Artists.

This first lesson is about using brushes and is written by jazz great ... Carl Allen.

This lesson is more for basic in nature, but contains useful info that can be helpful to drummers of all levels of experience.

To check out the lesson, go to:



Please come back and let me know what you think!




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Hey, Pop:

This was just a basics overview of brush use.

I too would like more instruction on the basics of "stirring the soup"!


I currenly have a review of Clayton Cameron's Art of Brushing video on the project board. I have previewed the video and it kicks!

Perhaps once I finish that review, folks looking for more on brush techniques will run out and get that video.


Brushing is a dying art as most musical styles today do not call for their use.


If most drummers are like me ... I use brushes in a more contemporary use, but have never had a great foundation in the old school use.


Thanks for your thoughts!


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I don't care for brushes but I have studied them as much as I could stomach.


Poor article (sorry)...the crescent, shelly mann and figure 8 (to name a few) techniques are not covered well if at all- (figure Eight is mentioned but should be stated that this technique is better for ballads)...the diagrams are very simple and need to be applied for playing swing time. Instead they have two pics of Carl Allen...at least he wasn't snarling at me like Herman Melville. Anyways, they don't even show a pic of him holding the darn brushes!


But we do get pics of DW's and Pro Mark's goofy brushes since we are the 'target' market.


Discography is saving grace...but if someone doesn't understand the basics, then the tunes will just confuse them more.




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Come On, Felix ... Cut me some slack!


This is just a basics of determining how and when to use brushes. It is supposed to stimulate you to want to at least get a pair of brushes and learn to "stomach" them better.

I have yet to meet a drummer that I would consider to be a stellar article writer. The idea is to stimulate your imagination to the possibilities of brush use.


I will follow the stimulant process with a series on proper brush technique, when I find someone more qualified with brushes (than I am) to write it!


In the meantime, learn to me more sensitive with your critique!


Got to love ya, ... Felix!


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