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Hayman drums


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A few weeks ago I borrowed a set of Hayman-drums for a gig in Stockholm, Sweden. I had never heard of these drums before, but I liked them a lot. They were so different from my Maple Custom set. Very thick sounding.


I was wondering if anyone of you can tell me something more about Hayman drums. What type of wood are they? I could not see it because the shells were painted white on the inside.




Richard Hjemmen, Norway.

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Thanks DJ!


I'm thinking about buying a kit. I have found three kits in Europe. I got pictures from the seller yesterday. One kit looked really nice. Anything particular I should be aware of before ordering?



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Hey, Richard:


Yes, there are some definite questions to ask and things to consider before you make your purchase.


1) Ask the seller what parts (if any) are missing from the set. If there are items missing, seek out the parts or a source for the parts before buying the kit. It would totally suck to buy the kit and find out a crucial and irreplaceable part is not there!


2) Remember, this kit is likely 20-30 years old. It will not be perfect (especially if played hard during its lifetime!) There will probably be the ole' tobacco patina, could be scratches, paint chips, etc.


3) Are the drums "round" (basically you want to make sure that they are not "out of round") I once purchased a drum thinking it had to be in the round because it had heads on it! NOT TRUE! I had to use a hammer to knock the heads off the drum!


4) Are there any shell cracks? Small stress fractures are usually ok, but can be an indication of a more substantial crack elsewhere! Check the drums throughly!


5) Last, at some point in history, a few European companies produced drums in 1/2 inch increments. (do not ask me who, but I know this to be true). Much like Trixon's odd shaped bass drum, the heads were made specifically by the manufacturer for that individual drum. If you became stuck with a 13 1/2 inch drum, you might not be able to buy a head for the thing! Make sure of the head sizes before buying.


Hope this helps!




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Just wanted to tell you that I bought the Hayman-set I was talking about. After changing the heads and putting on a Optimount on the 13", I played them for the first time today. They sounded really fat and cool and I'm really happy. My sparkling Yamaha's will rest for a while now. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif



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Originally posted by Mightydog:


If I sparkled, could I rest too?


Hey! I'm Norwegian. Did I say something strange? Well, I'm not totally familiar with the nuances in American language. Probably not the first time I've written something weird. Guess you have to explain what you mean, cause I don't get it. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/biggrin.gif Sorry....


Richard http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif

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