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Why we love drumming so!?!


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What makes those of us that have been bitten by the drum love bug so drunk with drumming?


What draws us as humans towards a particular love of one such instrument. The same happens to humans for all types of things (dogs, classic cars, art, music, beanie babies -please!-, knick knacks, etc), but for those of us that are drummers, ... there is an internal special bond that is indescribable. Like a fraternal (sorry gals ... the only word I could think of) thing.


Why do you think this is?





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Wellll... as most of you know by now I have been well bitten by the drum bug for a long time even though I'm really not a drummer!


I think drumming is one of the deeper activities you can do, really. The first thing all of us hear is a drumbeat, more or less - our mother's heartbeat in the womb. A lot of cultures in the world thus refer to the drum as the "heartbeat of the earth" or some such analogy. Drums put us in touch with a part of ourselves which most people have lost sight of in the endless distractions presented to us in the world, and which a lot of people are even afraid of. Drumming is like the perfect conduit between the physical and the spiritual world without taking any power away from either. Playing or hearing drums has the ability to instantly make everything but the present moment just disappear. It's like nirvana if you will.


Because of that, I've noticed that most drummers do seem to be different from other people, especially really good drummers. They seem to be happier in themselves than other people. Other people might have lofty goals and ideals that they think they need in order to be fulfilled, but in general drummers seem content with the present moment so long as they've got a gig this weekend, food in the fridge, a significant other who loves them and bandmates who appreciate them. Everything else is just details. And they are also less competitive with each other than other musicians because of that. They tend to be just no-bullshit people and I've always really dug that.


Of course that's a gross generalization, and there are exceptions, but it really does seem to be true in many cases.


Drumming is magic. Keep rockin' my world, y'all!




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Hey Flier,

I got a freakin tear in my eye when I read your post.You nailed it.You know other people see us and are in awe of us,because we are different.Ive had chicks approach me at the "band table" and say things like "there's just something about a drummer".As far as what motivates us,It seems to me that drumming can almost be a consuming addiction.What you said about the connection of physical and spirit is so true.I frequent a forum that is comprised of mostly beginners and I do what I can to sew the seed,preach the word,if you will.These guys are so motivated,and eager to learn.It really is like a fraternal order,and the creed though varied is universal.


What's a drummer without a girfriend?




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Lee, you as the non-drummer in the crowd have come the closest to a logical explanation. I am not sure that we as drummers actually know how to describe this phenomenon!


I personally believe that there are those of us that are destined to become drummers. We are born with rhythm in our bones. Our every function includes some type of percussive approach!


Odd, but glad to be a part of the gifted!



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