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Handy hints?


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Forgive my presumption (I'm a guitarist), but a drummer I used to work with had a couple of equipment tricks that seemed clever to me. At any rate I've never seen anybody else do these.


1) Instead of a drum rug, he anchored his kick drum with a loop of rope, knotted to just the right length to surround the kick drum and his drum stool. His own weight served to anchor the kick drum, and a loop of rope was way easier to carry than a rug.


2) He mounted his ride cymbal fairly low, horizontally over the floor tom. This way he could perform tom/cymbal crescendo rolls SIMULTANEOUSLY, holding his mallets BETWEEN the tom and cymbal and hitting the cymbal on the up-movement, the tom on the down-movement (if this makes sense). Worked great for the finale to "Theme from Exodus"...

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Another trick is to use a Pringles can for a stick holder (poor man's stick holder)


Spray pringle can with chrome paint.


An even better trick is not to drop a stick in the first place.


Rope also keeps pants from falling down in a pinch.

I would use a kettle drum for a floor tom and have the cymbal's edge laying on the head itself. Would be a bonus if I had to play a moby dick solo in the set as well.

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My brother has a double bass kit...he put eye bolts on each side of his main trap case (which has wheels) so that the bass drums mount...he sets his toms on top of the case. He can roll his entire kit out of the club and into his van...it's pretty cool. He carries all his cymbal stands in a golf bag on his shoulder.


People are always amazed (and amused) when they see him moving his entire kit cymbals and all in one trip...my brother has a lot of quirky things like this we call him Mcgyver.


I'll try to post a digital pic soon...you guys have to see it.


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