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filling-pitches, patterns;evoking emotions

felix stein

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I know we have our own concepts of drum tuning and what works best. Well, that ain't enough for me.


The wonderful thing about my electrics I'm realizing is that I can tune to definite pitches.


I got this crazy notion while listening to a harpsichord solo cd- here it is and I would like some opinions on this subjective subject.


We know that some chords/scales and arpeggiations invoke certain feelings to the listener.


Here are some off the top of my head:


Suspended chords "leave one hanging"

Major chords "happy"

Minor "kinda sad"

Whole Tone scales "spacey"


And of course the tension and release chord patterns/drum fill patterns.


My next endeavor is going to try to determine some basic tunings/intervals(I have at least an octave worth of triggers) and go from there.


Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject...I mean anything whether they be melodically or rhythmically based.



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Well, be creative!


I really liked how Bill Bruford used electronic drums on the "Earthworks" album. Very musical. Some of his pads had two notes each tuned to 4ths and 5ths but he also played chords using single note pads too.


If you haven't heard this album you should really try to find it, cool stuff.

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