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ludwig octaplus drums?


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i am doing some research for my dad and i am trying get some info as to what a set of ludwig octaplus drums from the 70's might be worth....they are in very good condition.




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Hey, Spacebass:

I have e-mailed your question to John Aldridge, owner and editor of Not So Modern Drummer magazine (a mag dedicated to vintage drums and drumming).

He is the vintage drum guru! Here is hoping he will send a reply!


Talk about taking a guy back in time! I started playing on a blue vista-lite octa plus Ludwig kit in elementary school! What a gas!

Oh to have that kit. Like money in the bank.


Let's see what John says.


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thank you so much DJ...

my dad just got a complete set with all the orignal heads and cymbles for a VERY good price.....and as he collects vintage everything he is hoping he made a good investment.....i told him the cymbles alone would cost more than he got the kit for!



we will see

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My 2nd drumset was a Power Plus, (Octa Plus minus a bass drum and 6" and 8")

Had that thing for years.

Sold it for $2,300.00 but that included hardware, cymbals and a Black Beauty snare.

My first drumset as a 6th grader was a red sparkle Sears, actually I think Pearl made it for Sears.

It came with your initials to put on the front basshead ala Buddy Rich.

Now that was a drumset. I still have the hi hat and pedal stored away with a Remo practice pad set.

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Hey, Spacebass:

Here is what John Aldridge had to say:



That set would go for around $1900 in Exc condition with no

modifications. If it's a rare finish (mod orange, psych red, etc) it would go

much higher.


John M. Aldridge


Operating on this sterling principle: The guy with the prettiest drums gets

the gig. . .

Not So Modern Drummer, Inc 750 Cowan Street Nashville Tennessee 37207

Phone: 615-244-6763 Fax: 615-244-6767 E-mail: NSMDjohn@aol.com

Website: http://www.notsomoderndrummer.com

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