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electronic drum question


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I have an old Simmons Trixer that is roughly 13 years old. I used to use it with my acoustic kit and trigger it with bugs. The band I was in at the time insisted that I go that route since it was a lot cleaner than mics and easier to get the same sound night after night. I used it on all of my toms and the kick, but not the snare. Anyway.... I dug it out of the closet a few months ago and now I remember why I stopped using it. They freak out after about 10 minutes of playing. Nobody could ever seem to figure out what the problem was. Every light on the board would come on and stay on, and no more sound would come out. I thought it might be an internal "trip" mechanism, but they are so old I can't find out anything about it. The only reason I would like for it to work is because it had a few killer kick drum samples that I wouldn't mind using again, but I can't because the POS keeps crapping out. Does anybody have any experience with this particular piece of equipment? Or know where to look for help?
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Here's a couple of ideas for you:


First, try doing a search on the web for that particular piece of gear. You might be able to locate others who own it, have had similar problems, or even a place that will repair it.


Secondly, contact a local electronic repair shop; one that is known for working on musical gear. As a former student of electronics (yes, I do that too, got an Associates in Electronics years ago), most music repair facilities could fix it as long as they could get a schematic for the unit.


Hope this helps a little.





Bart Elliott


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Hey, tmfields:


I am with Bart on this one! You should contact call around to to see if they can get you the schematics.

Old Simmons units are quite desirable these days.

I would hold on to it if you get if working!

There is a guy that has a site on all electronic kits at: www.edrums.com/archive

You could e-mail him to find out if he knows where you can get the schematics or if he knows of a repair facility. His e-mail is:




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