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Drum Ring International


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Back in 1997, I came up with an idea to try and help professional drummers and percussionists from around the world to network together via the Internet. I began the Drum Ring International by starting a webring and contacting as many pros as I could.


Today there are over 50 members in the Drum Ring, all professional musicians with web sites about themselves.


I would really like to get some honest feedback from you all.




The purpose of the organization is to provide a place for professionals with web sites to network and work together for greater personal exposure as well as the art of drumming. Besides the webring, members can sell their products such as instructional videos, method books and CDs in the Drum Ring Store.


My hope for the Drum Ring is to continue to grow, provide reviews of the products our members are offering, report news and information about our members, and create more traffic to the Drum Ring and it's member's web sites.


Feel free to hammer away ... I'm leaving myself wide open here. I'm the web designer as well ... so feel free to make comments about that as well.


Constructive criticism is always appreciated!


Thanks for perusing the site!





Bart Elliott


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I really like your work with this site. The concept is great and the fact that it is a dot-org is fantastic. I think many sites today that are dot-com are actually dot-org!

Your list of members is impressive!

Send them here and let's share some traffic!



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