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New Forum Idea


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Maybe I'm missing something. Seems like there should be a forum called "Original Recordings For Critique" something of that nature. I'm a recording hobbyist and I have some of my songs on Mp3.com. I've always wished though, that there was a forum where I could post (works in progress) and get feedback from people with more experience than myself.


Is there a forum like this somewhere?






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Mad, if you go to Craig's forum, there's a thread called "Is your music any good? Find out here!" It's there for just the purpose you mention. Give it a shot! I think it WOULD be cool if it was a separate forum, but that thread has been working out pretty well.



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ok, let's do...I'm teaching my wife some recording basics so this will be a great assignment for both of us.


Where the hell should I put my files?...probably just give a link to an ftp site and have people download the MP3 file from there.


Is your drumming any good? - Too funny.

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Ok DJ and others,


I NOTATED a 20 or so bar solo to put up to let EVERYBODY rip on especially for this project. I should have it on the hard drive this weekend...and I will probably record it on my ELECTRICS! I'm keeping it short but sweet.

Any requests?


One will be able to see if felix the cat's drumming is any 'good' or not!


Not that I could give a rat's ass!-LOL

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