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studio tuning for drums

felix stein

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I'm in the process of finishing my studio and I need your opinions.


After talking with Auralex (great guys)I have bought some of the acoustical treatment for my room. It is about 324 sq. feet with a 12 ft concave barn type ceiling.


Ok there is plenty of corner bass trapping and there are also giant Helmholtz bass traps on the two sides of the studio running the whole legnth to the CR wall and back wall. The both the CR room and big room have the floors floated.


I am going to treat the crest of the ceiling with 4" pyramids it's only about 4 feet wide by 18 feet long.


The sloping sides I want to panel with tounge and grooved hard woods as well as the floor. Same with the two // walls. My piano teacher said I might not want to do this and use more foam. I really want the wood in the place and go for a more lively room and my diffuse some of the // walls...I don't know.


Any advice?

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Hi Felix,


Thank you for your kind words regarding us here at Auralex Acoustics. Your room sounds wonderful. The following are some treatment suggestions based on your concerns.


I like your idea of the 4" Pyramid on the ceiling. For maximum results, you should mount the foam on a substrate material such as pegboard, then span across the apex of your ceiling, creating an air space. This will provide much greater low frequency control.


I love the sound of wood for a drum room. If your tongue/groove has beveled edges, that will provide some degree of diffusion. I personally prefer a diffused room (open-yet-controlled) for drums. You should mix some absorption in your treatment plan. A highly absorbed room is likely to give you greater processing options in a mix situation.


I hope these suggestions are helpful. Good luck.

Jeff Hedback

Technical Consultant

Auralex Acoustics, Inc.

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thanks...I have the RSC channel that I'm going to hang the drywall on after the sheet block...for the ceiling I'll just go sheetblock, RSC, peg board and pyramids...good idea.


I can bevel the paneling sides with my router/probably with a nice radius cutter-that's another good idea...you guys shred.

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