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New Feature Article 4-17


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Nice article, I was a bit surprised that his first experience of seeing and hearing Deborah Harry was Solid Gold, Blonde was around for a long time before the disco stuff. http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/rolleyes.gif I thought I was young http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/smile.gif
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Hey, Truth:

We are all older than we think we are if we remember Bondie's Heart of Glass or Rapture!

I think Solid Gold was launched around 1977 which would make Chris about on target for early Blondie stuff.

All that to say this, Blondie and Drummers are like fine wines ... we get better with age!



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I saw one of blondie's gigs at the hard rock last year on TV and yes, C.S. was shining big time...nice twirls and some serious attitude in his playing.


I don't have anything nice to say about blondie so I'll stop there. But she did fuse rap along time ago with mainstream when she did that one tune- I forget what it was, anyways that was almost cool in my book.

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Well, I'm a big Clem Burke fan and was acquainted with him in L.A., saw him at lots of small club gigs and he just rocks! In fact I'm sure I wouldn't have enjoyed Blondie nearly as much with a different drummer.


But back to the topic at hand, I enjoyed the article. DeRosa seems like a really enthusiastic guy with a great attitude and he covered a lot of the things that a freelancer getting thrown in with a bunch of "big names" would probably experience! I bet a lot of people think that everybody who gets to the level where they can work with the "stars" is just cool and collected and isn't nervous about it at all. Not true! LOL...


Honestly, I don't know how freelance musicians do what they do. It's such a completely different bag from what I do that I can only marvel at it. I'd like to see more stories about the various people working in the "trenches" of the biz, that's very cool.



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