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Ayotte Drums


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Hi Folks,

can anyone tell me anything about Ayotte Drums (like even how to say the name)? I'm an engineer and bass player, new to drumming, but looking for a mid priced kit that I could bring into the studio if a band showed up with a really junky set. Understand that they will mostly be used by me at home. I've seen ads for Ayotte but never really heard any talk about them, positive or negative, and I'm not sure even how to pronounce the name. Thanks for any info.


Jeremy Smith

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Well I dont know if i would classify Ayotte as "mid-priced", as I consider them to be one of the best Drum Manufacturers out there. they are competitive price wise with DW if you go thru thier web site


their drums are truly works of Art and sound incredible. I guess you could go with the *Drum Smith* line, which doesnot employ thier wood hoop design....They are probably cheaper...



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>I'm not sure even how to pronounce the name<


Well. Jeremy:


Phonetically speaking, you would pronounce the name: A - yacht.


Ayotte is a small "custom" drum company in Canada started by Ray Ayotte in 1982. He was an innovator as far as "on the drum" hardware designs. He also was the spark that ignited the wood hoop craze in the drum industry. His company came on very strong in the mid to late 1990's, capturing a coveted spot in the high end marketplace.


Unfortunately, the company was heavily funded through the Alberta Stock Exchange and (as usual) the company was not growing in profits as fast as the investors wanted. Due to changes that the Board of Directors enforced, (in an effort to increase sales) Ray Ayotte resigned in September of 1999.


Since that time the company decided to drop its retail affiliates and was one of the first companies in the music industry to go "all e-commerce."


They still make the same great drums. It is unfortunate that Ray is no longer involved and is now forced to make drums that compete with his own name! (but *is* the way of the world sometimes)


In October of 2000, Ayotte Music Inc. announced it would be issuing 500,000 stock options to a "Consultant to the Company," so maybe Ray did not lose after all?!? (I should point out that it has been rumored that Ray got nothing and that the Consultant was the former General Manager, Don Mazankowski) http://www.musicplayer.com/ubb/frown.gif


In November of 2000 Ayottedrums.com was awarded the Marshall McLuhan Award for "Best Retail Website". The presentation was made at the "inaugural eWorld Awards 2000 ceremony which recognize the most innovative, creative and effective Internet content, applications and tools created for or by a British Columbia based organization."


The drums are still some of the most expensive (but many claim ... "well worth it") available on the market today. You can purchase the drums direct on-line at www.ayottedrums.com .


Incidentally, the DrumSmith name was dropped and the mid-price line renamed, Pro Maple Drums in 1999.


I realize this is probably more than you ever wanted to know about Ayotte Drums and the history of the company, but I hope this Post will service anyone that visits!



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Thanks for all the info, it's great to have so many knowledgable people. I was actually looking at their Promaple drums, which, as far as I can tell are the bassically the same drums, minus the woodhoop options, and are only available in standard sizes. I'm considering getting a 3 piece 22x16, 14x13, and 10x09 (about $1000),and then purchasing a different brand of snare, perhaps a Noble & Cooley Alloy Classic ($550), then some Zildjian A Custom and K Custom cymbals; HH, 16" Crash, 8" splash, 20" dark ride (about $700 total), plus hardware (another $500 or so). I'd like to keep it between $2500-3000. Thanks again for your time,


Jeremy Smith

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Hi Jeremy,


I own a five piece Ayotte Drumsmith (now called Pro Maple)kit. I can't overstate what a terrific kit it is. It comes with maple hoops on the bass drum and I added a set of Yamaha Vintage Maple Hoops to the snare. It's amazing sounding. I get so many positive comments from other drummers and sound companies on the drum sound. Some DW players commented that they sounded as good as their kits. An amazing statement from a DW player! The hardware and shells are the same as the more expensive series. They are less expensive due to the steel hoops, and limited sizes and finishes available. I like the sizes and the cherry laquer finish is beautiful. Every time I've called Ayotte, the customer service was great. I think it's the best value on the market.



Drummer/Hidden Agenda, Houston, Texas


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