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Excellent bass player interviews


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HI everyone,


I am new to this forum, but I recently stumbled upon a great podcast called Inside MusiCast and I thought I would share it with you in case you don't know about it. The podcast focuses on some of the heavies in the industry. It's not totally focused on bassists, but they have interviewed several great ones, including Lee Sklar, Freddie Washington, and a rare one with David Hungate. The podcast has goood production value, which as you probably know is pretty rare with a lot of podcasts. The hosts of the show (Rick and Eddy) conduct the interviews very loosely and they seem to be pretty knowledgable and ask atypical questions. The address for the show is [DELETED] See what you think!

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My apologies for the perceived SPAM. I had a feeling that this wouldn't go over well, but I thought a podcast such as this would be a valuable resource for any musician. I also contacted the hosts of the show and they produce it out of their passion for music. They don't sell their show nor do they accept advertising. They should! It's great stuff. Anyway, I'll mind my P's and Q's from this point on.


Happy Holidays!

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