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Elvis with Cheryl Crow on Bass?


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Originally posted by jeremy c:

To keep up the idea, everyone in the band should have been dead.


Brian Jones on lead guitar.


Berry Oakley on bass.



How about a sax section with John Coltrane and Charlie Parker?

Ohhh, right!


Ray Charles on keys.

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Originally posted by Lenny B:

If he wanted a couple more live 'uns, why not Keef and Macca then?

Would you really put Keef in the Alive section?

N x

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She well known over here. She had a big hit with "Every Day is a Winding road" in the late Nineties.


The Demographic that Radio 2 is aiming at is 30+.


They are the most listened to radio station here in the UK.

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Cheryl's definitely younger than Moon, Elvis or the rest, excepting Gallagher. When there's hundreds of superior options to Crow and Gallagher, if you go back further in time, why else would they be there? They don't have the chops - they write some good songs (one of them does) though.


She's still on Vh1 and MTV, had several hits in the past few years, so I bet more 21 year olds than not know of her.


What's interesting is how few bassists there are nowadays that the average person would know. I bet most people couldn't even name 3: maybe they could name Crow (who really is known as a singer/songwriter than bassit) and two guys who are still relevant but from the '80s - Sting and Flea.


We are really not popular. Or it's a dearth of talent at pop bass.


Come to think of it, I can't think of many modern drummers the average person would know either.

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Cheryl Crow on bass???

Why not Entwistle?????


I agree on that butt munch from Oasis as well. He needs a punch to the taint!!!



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