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My picking hand too. It is unbarible pain, the thing is.... the only reason i'm angry is because i can't play bass!!!!


What can i do to still keep my skills up or get better? I mean there is no way i'm not playin for 4-6 weeks. (hopefully its not broken). But what the hell can i do with my left hand to improve? :(:evil::mad:

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First, Go to the doctor and see if its broke. He probably has some good advice for you. If it is broken then you can probably still play with a cast. If you are playing fingerstyle use the floating thumb method (use the search for that) and if you play with a pick you will jsut have to adjust to what muvments you can and can not make.







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Well, if you have to miss four to six weeks of playing, you have to remember that in the space of your lifetime, that is a very short time.


Your hand will get better.


If you are making a living playing bass, then you lose all your income for that time period and possibly longer.


But if you hurt your hand more by trying to play before it heals, you may miss more time playing than a month and a half.


You could play all your bass lines on a synth using just your left hand. Some keyboardists can do this while playing something else with the other hand, so it is possible for you to learn how to do it.


If you were playing finger style, you probably will be able to hold a pick and still use your right hand. It might not be the way you usually play but by the end of the month you will have a new technique at your disposal.


You could always spend the month working on reading, sight singing, studying theory and harmony.


You could also go on vacation and have a good time and come back to playing bass refreshed and healed.


Best wishes for a healthy and rapid recovery!

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I hurt my fingering hand just a little while ago went to the doctor right away because my hand and wrist started hurting while I was playing at a friends birthday party. The party was full of musicians but I was the only bass player. I ended up playing for 7 to 8 hours straight and my hand and wrist got this huge cramp in it and if you put your hand on the top of my hand when I moved my fingers you could feel the tendons moveing great pain.


I was told that I over did it and not to play for 4 to 6 weeks. I told the doctor I need to pratice and she told me do you want to lose 4 to 6 weeks now or do you want to take the chance of doing permanet dammage and never play again???


So what I did was plug in and play the fretboard by useing hammerons and pulloffs never touched the strings at the pickups. By the end of 6 weeks of Phycial thearpy still hurt some when I played but my fretboard hand was so strong and my hammeron and pulloffs so good that I was able to get around doing triplets with my fingering hand it opend the door for a few new technics. Try it don`t take the chance of doing permanet damage


Just my opinion


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To infrom everyone... My hand is doing a ton better. Still hurts a bit but i took some of your advice and started to work on slapping (no pops couldnt do it) and victor wooten thumb thing. Im a lot better a both now, but my hand should be fully recovered in 3-4 days
Feel the Vibration of the bass
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