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Lighted fret markers


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Did a search on this and nothing popped up so here's the question.....Does any body have any experience with either glow in the dark fret markers or the other "systems" that are out there. We did a gig this weekend and the lighting was horrible. There were only a few parts of the stage where my fret markers were visible - not good!! Got throught the gig okay but don't want to repeat that.


I don't think I am inclined to go throught the expense or concerns realated to the fiber optic systems installed in the neck. I've seen everything online from the glow in the dark dots to laser set-ups. Just wondering if anyone has had any good or bad experiences with the "stick-on" systems and what they were.



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Thanks for the responses so far. The fretfx system looks pretty cool. It's more expensive than the glow in the dark dots but probably more durable and reliable. I'm with Jeremy - has any body installed these and played with them on their bass??
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