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Halloween song challenge

Thomas Wilburn

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So every year, my parents host a pumpkin massacre. A whole bunch of people get together, they bring their own pumpkins, and at the end of the night the best carvings win prizes. Someone will walk away with a fake Elvis Presley driver's license this year, among other things. My dad cooks a ton of jambalaya and different desserts. There's going to be Dance Dance Revolution and Guitar Hero playing on a TV somewhere. It's a good time for all.


This year, they asked if maybe me and my brother (a guitar player) could get together and provide some music. We've been trying to think of vaguely Halloween-themed songs we could play. Here's a few off the top of my head--any other ideas? The more tangential, the better.


Devil's Haircut - Beck

Pet Cemetary - Ramones

Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash

Black Magic Woman - Santana

Bad Moon Rising - CCR

Psycho Killer - Talking Heads

Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon

Hellhound on my Trail - Robert Johnson

Every Day is Halloween - Ministry

Sympathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath

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Somehow I missed the first go-around, too.


I remember a bunch of stuff from a K-Tel album I had as a kid. Can't find it now. K-Tel Presents Funny Favorites is similar, but not quite the same.


1. Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley

1. Monster Mash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett

2. Short Shorts - The Bermudas

9. Jolly Green Giant - Lynn Easton

10. Troglodyte (Cave Man) - The Jimmy Castor Bunch


I seem to remember other goofy stuff like that from the '50s. One was attributed to "Jumpin' Gene Simmons"; always wondered if that was from the Kiss bassists storied past.

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Haha... Hallowe'en happens nearly every day for me. It's called "death metal." ;)


Take your pick...


1. Behemoth

2. Morbid Angel

3. Decapitated

4. Cannibal Corpse <--- yes, sir... banned in several countries for their graphic cover artwork and ultra-gruesome lyrics

5. Anal C**t <--- bunch of hardcore weirdo fellas from the New England, U.S. area, I think

6. Deicide

7. Sleep Terror <--- great instrumental work, recently got a full band together, complete with the growler

8. Obituary <--- sludgy freaks from Florida

9. Possessed <--- guitarist Larry LaLonde's, of Primus, first band. Coined the term "death metal" in a song of the same name.

10. Bolt Thrower <--- the figure on the right of my icon is the bassist for the veteran English group

11. Cryptopsy <--- possibly the fastest, most precise blast beats anywhere, plus the occasional 'song' in French; they're from Quebec, Canada

12. F**k I'm Dead <--- Steve Irwin would've hated these guys... ;)

13. ??? that's all ???

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Frankenstein by Edgar Winter

You can stop now -jeremyc

STOP QUOTING EVERY THING I SAY!!! -Bass_god_offspring

lug, you should add that statement to you signature.-Tenstrum

I'm not sure any argument can top lug's. - Sweet Willie


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Originally posted by Pernax:

Any song by Barbra Streisand will surely bring a chill to anyone having the misfortune of being in the receiving end. :idea:

Best post of the DAY !!



"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb, voting on what to eat for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb, contesting the vote."

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Witch Hunt - Rush


Mr Scary - Dokken

Dream Warriors - Dokken

Into the Fire - Dokken

Tooth and Nail - Dokken


Just about anything by Helloween

Just about anything by Type O Negative


Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden

Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

Can I Play With Madness? - Iron Maiden


I'll add more as I think of them...




Old bass players never die, they just buy lighter rigs.

- Tom Capasso, 11/9/2006


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King Diamond's "Halloween" is a tune I always play during the month of october.


I suppose you could also gather a bunch of horror movie themes and create a jam around it (the theme from "Halloween" for example). I know I saw Buckethead do something similar, but I can't remember what theme he used... I think he put together a bunch of Star Wars themes/melodies and made a tune out of it.

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