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Taylor AB-4 (in search of)


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I've decided that I am finally giving into the burning desire to own one of these instruments. The problem is Taylor hasn't built them since 2002. I've been searching and can't find any for sale. I even called Taylor yesterday and talked to a nice gentleman there. He sadly did not have any leads either and his best advice was to "scour the internet". So I scoured away. Still can't find any.


My plea to you good people is this: if you know anyone who owns an AB-4 and they want to sell it - send them to me.

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Got em. Thanks, Jeremy! I spoke with them yesterday and I was told I need to call them back on Monday to get pictures sent to me and other various questions answered. According to dude I talked to this is actually an AB-2 that they have but at this point I think I'm going to lean towards being less picky about the specific model.


One thing: The person I talked to on the phone was going on and on about some seperation between the neck and body joint? Did you notice anything like that when you were checking it out?


Originally posted by Phil W:

Sorry, I had a good search but din't find one.


Here's a picture (obviously not as good as the real thing) of one owned by Brian Beller



Yeah. That's the one that made me fall in lust with these things. Bryan insisted that I take his for a test drive while he was in Seattle several years ago and I've been wanting one ever since.
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I fail to understand this move since you've demonstrated your own mastery of bass building.


Seriously, good luck on procuring the object of this desire.




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Hey friends, it's your lucky day. I've finally come to the painful decision to let go...of my Taylor AB-4.


Mine is just like the one you've got pictured, with the gorgeous starburst. I have a wide weathered leather strap on it, the original case, and a small humidifier. It's seen a few gigs, but has mostly lived at home, letting my Fender go out on the road and take all the abuse.


If you're interested in this rare, beautiful bird of a bass, shoot me a line.



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