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High Frequency Attenuator on SWR Cabs

Aussie bass dude

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Originally posted by Aussie bass dude:

Does anyone who plays SWR cabs change the posistion of the High Frequency Attenuator from 12 oclock?


I have a Goliath III and a Son Of Bertha


What difference do you hear by changing this?


I cant hear any difference, am I crazy?

No, just deaf. :D


It reduces the highs a little.

If you slap or do something else that uses a lot of highs, you'll hear it.

If your basic sound is a round bottom sound (like we all aspire to), you may not hear much difference.

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I have mine turned all the way down. I'm really not a fan of having a separate high end driver on a bass cab; unless it's a cab that's built with them in mind (like Accugroove). It seems to me like the SWR designers threw the tweeter in the middle of the 4 10's as an afterthought because it would fit. However, I digress...as per normal...


I have mine all the way down because it annoys me. It gives the top end of my tone a really brittle, 'tinny' sound to it. I can get more than enough highs out of the 10's when my sound is EQ'd into the pre-amp right. I certainly don't need to boost the highs even more with a tweeter driver.

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From the owner's manual: "Turning the dial fully counter-clockwise removes the tweeter from the cicuit"


I had to look it up online to be sure.


I also had no idea that I had "The cabinet that started a revolution"... a direct quote from the cab specs. I'm curious what revolution it started. I'm guessing The Great Steak Fry Revolution of 1979.

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I remember fondly back to Bass Day 2001. I was playing Bergantino HT112s - smooth highs (and I'm not a fan of highs), great sound. Next to me were the SWR rigs, and that tweety cab (I don't know which it was) sliced two Citrons in half as someone slapped, popped, and otherwise played (Harvey was pissed). Jim B said something like "those are too sharp-sounding".


The rebellion was the calling up of the deaf 20 year-olds.



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Originally posted by Big Daddy from Motown:

Most bass cabinets run the main speakers full range and use the xover to reduce the low frequencies to the horn.

Yes and using the word "crossover" is a misnomer. This setup is really a high pass filter to the tweeter. A real crossover limits lows to the high frequency elements AND highs to the low frequency elements.. Peavey 4X10 cabs use real crossovers. This is why they sound less than stelar when the tweeter blows or is turn all the way down but sound great otherwise.

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