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Will Lee


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Most of you are familiar with Will Lee from the Letterman Show, Steely Dan, & all those jingles.

Last Thursday at the Baked Potato, Mr. Lee was performing with the most incredible guitarist (Oz Noy). You owe it to your self to see this guy. I cannot remember seeing this much talent for a very long time. Picture Jeff Beck on steroids playing James Brown type funk. His rhythm section isn't too bad either, Will Lee and Anton Fig.

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Mr. Lee put on a little display for the assembled at last year's BassPlayer Live event.

Certainly the coolest and funkiest "exercise in C" I've ever heard...

Seems like a nice enough sort, if pressed for time, as you'd expect. Had some interesting stories of his school and recording experiences, too, as well as a lovely Lake Placid blue Sadowsky, IIRC...






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Check out Los Lobotomies. Live disk circa '98 (I think). Line-up included Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro, and Will Lee. Also had horns and keys. The details are a bit fuzzy as I have not been able to locate my copy. I remember a slammin' instrumental version of "Little Wing".
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Oz Noy's CD "Ha!" is awesome and features both Will Lee and James Genus on bass. Boo-yah!


wraub and I had plans to see one of Oz's regular Monday night gigs in NYC, with Will Lee and Anton Fig, but our plans were thwarted at the last second. We (and others?) will eventually succeed and make it there.





PS: Will Lee did do a crazy presentation at BP Live last year when he did his "exercise in C," in which he played a whole slew of famous lines, licks, and feels in C. He also gigged that night with the Fab Faux and lit it up.



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