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tonebone boneyard


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As my pedalbord is really running out of space this has gotten me thinking.

Priced well, good construction on paper, good design, nice way to hide cables and power, big enough for future, reputable name.

Right now I'm holding some pedals under my board in the chamber of my pedalpad axs, but it's not too functional...and I'd still need more space.

Any thoughts?

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The pedaltrain pro looks a little more expensive, but then again it comes with a case, right? I'll have to look up the price and size, as well as other specs, thanks getz.

Are you able to run your cables under the gaps on your pedalboards surface, I would to be able to make my future in pedalboards a little neater while still acheiving all of the sounds I want to.

Geoff, ther are somethings that I can get out of my diverse array (well, only 8 as is stands right now) of single pedals that I just cant get out of multieffects.

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I have the Pedaltrain Jr. $99 shipped with soft case.


Yes, I run the cabling "under" the pedalboard. It's been great, even though now my "gigging" pedalboard is a Tech 21 NYC Programmable Bass Driver DI and a Boss TU-2 Tuner mounted on a small, polymer cuttingboard.

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I have to say, I have seen and used getz' MauryBoard system, and it is easy, light, and inexpensive.

In fact, I may also have one somewhere... :)

No provision for hidden cable runs, but it's a smaller, simpler, cheaper design.

And that counts for a lot in my book sometimes.






I'm a lot more like I am now than I was when I got here.






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wraub, I have to say I was impressed by how impressed you were with my impressively designed ghetto pedal board.


Design Plan for the MauryBoard System


-Tech 21 NYC SansAmp Programmable BDDI, $180

-Used Boss TU-2 Tuner, $50

-Godlyke PowerAll Power Supply, $40

-George L Cable to interconnect, $12

-12" Polymer Cutting Board (Target), $2

-Sling Bag to carry from Chinatown, $12

-3M Industrial Strength Velcro, $5

-2 strips of gaffer tape to keep it from sliding, $1


$302 for four quality channels (three effected, one bypassed) of sound, a DI, a tuner/mute, carrying case and power supply isn't too shabby.

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