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Another Straplock Situation Please Help


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Well, I made an attempt to get in touch w/ Davio, but he didnt pick up his phone (hell probably answer this first-haha). Im putting straplocks on my bass, but the screw is a tad to small for the pin hole. I went to home depot and picked up some screws, which are longer than they old ones. So is it okay or will affect the sound of my bass if I screw a little further (1/2 an inch) down into the pin hole? I know about the toothpick and glue (epoxy) trick, but i dont want to go through all that hassle with the possiblity that I would accidently spill glue on the finish or drill a funky (in a bad way)hole. Thanks guys - Mike
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Originally posted by Fred the bass player:

For the truly industrious who already own a Dremel, you can get longer wood screws (like the ones Fender uses for neck bolts) and grind down the circumference of the screw head until it fits into the strap lock. Again it sounds worse than it is to do, I get long wood screws at the hardware store and found I can do 6-8 of them while watching a boring hour-long TV show. But I only use the longer screws on frequently-used instruments where I suspect a smaller screw would fall out anyway.

Next week on Tool Time... :D

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Originally posted by jeremy c:

Recently I tried wrapping the screws with plumber's tape before screwing them back in.

Do you mean the teflon tape or the metal tape?
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I think another thread has mentioned Dunlop Strap Locks. These come with a more substantial screw than those of the Schaller style.


I've got Schaller style on 3 guitars and I've just put my first set of Dunlops on my Ibanez. I'll be using the Dunlops from now on.


Much better system IMHO.



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I have the Dunlop Strap Locks on all 3 of my basses. I did have to use a longer and thicker screw than the ones provided. I used a grinder to round down the head of the new screw so that I would fit into the strap lock hole, then I used a very small drill bit to drill a pilot hole and not crack the wood on my bass once I inserted the new screw. Works great and I haven't have any looseness or wood cracking on any of my basses.

I would be extremely careful doing this. Make sure you know what you are doing.



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Definitely use epoxy glue!


It's the best insurance against having a straplock anchor come loose, in my experience.


Just take your time and you won't get any glue on the finish, if you use the toothpick method.


The Teflon tape idea would worry me...


It's designed to seal out water under pressure in threaded plumbing joints, but it's actually very slippery stuff. I would think it might make the screw more likely to come loose.

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