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Props out for Guitar Center


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Hail all,


I know that in the past, Guitar Center has been bashed. At times rightfully so, but I wanted to pass on a little story that may help others out with dealing with this company and also show that customer service does exist.


First of all, I live in SW Florida, so I will be speaking of our local store specifically.


About 8 months ago, we parted ways with our drummer. With him went the "mains" we were using. Therefore, I was in the market for some new PA's. On a limited budget, I did some poking around at the three local music stores and I wound up purchasing speakers at Guitar Center. Mine, as well as the sales person's inexperience, led me to a pair of B-52's, made up of an 18" with a a horn.


Well, as many of you know, just getting the biggest speaker for the buck is not the best way to go. In the practice room, they sounded fine, but when the newly rearranged band took to thier first outside event, a couple months later, even creative eq'ing did not fix the muffled vocals. Time went by and we dealt with it, until our last outside event, when one of the speakers started smoking. I would like to say it was because the band was on fire, but......


So, I take the speakers to Guitar Center and ask for the head manager. I expect him to tell me that the speaker can be repaired and I will be stuck with them. But I shoot for the moon. I explain my disappointment with the speakers(nicely) and how I would like to get a full refund so that I can get something else. He looks at my 7 month old speakers and says, "no problem, you will get full credit". He also agrees and explains that I had the wrong speakers for my needs.


A week later I walk back in with 2 other members of the band, speak to a more knowlegable sound person, and we choose a pair of Yamaha's that were a tad more pricy than my old B-52's. I ask the fellow if he can give me a lateral move to the Yami's. He says, "I can make it happen". We end up getting the right speakers, not paying a dime extra.


Now, they do know my face, as I have made a few other good purchases in there, so that probably helped, but this is what I call "Customer Service".


They will always have my business.

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GC does some good stuff on occasion. Such as when I bought a brand new Ampeg 4X10HEN and after tax only paid $389... :thu:



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Dang Stackimo, maybe we should've waited until you could have come with us to meet at Bass Central a couple months ago. You probably could've gotten me a straight trade from my Ibanez to that Dingwal I fell in love with.


Remind me to take you next time I go gear shopping. :wave:

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I've said before that if you ever pay anything close to "listed" price at GC, you aren't trying too hard. Yes, the help is usually inexperienced and clueless, yes the gear isn't tuned right, isn't set up and is full of finger prints and "other stuff" (ick), and yes the venier of commercial and capital gain reeks within its wall.


That said, if you know what the hell you want, know how to set it up, know how to sound like you know what your are talking about and ask the sales geek if the manager can cut some slack (especially on multiple items or large single purchases), they will usually bend over backwards to accomidate.


I'm not totally down on SuperGuitarSamCenterAshMarts, just don't let them pick your gear for you, and bring plenty of moist towlettes.


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Stackimo, as a former Gc Pro Audio associate, then Dept Mgr, then Assitant MGR, seems they were making lemonade of your lemons. A good sales consultant would have known what he was talking about and sold you the right gear the first time. You may have saved some $$ but what is your time worth? What about the ebarrasment of a smoking and bad sounding PA? You don't get a second chance to get your music heard by the people at the gig. I'm glad they took care of you but wouldn't have been easier and less costly to your time if they would have gotten it right the first time.

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