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Extreme Bass Product for the home

jeremy c

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I guess thats how I can get shaking lows without clipping. :D

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Originally posted by Whappo:

Guess I'll have to fly over to Hawaii so I can find the answers to your questions. Of course, I'll have to stay a couple of weeks. After all, assessments like this take time, but Ill try to make the sacrifice. ;)




Mark it's a tough job but someone has to do it. I'm sure two weeks in Hawaii would be terrible. You know with all the volcanos. This is very dangerous stuff. ;)
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Originally posted by jeremyc:

Check it out.


The Krell Master Reference Powered Subwoofer




It weighs 420 pounds, has a 2600 watt class A amplifier and 2 15" speakers and can be delivered to your door for $28,000. "capable of reproducing an incredible 20 Hz at 120 dB." :freak:

My wife made me purchase two of these--one for our house, and one for her car!


(Dang--that was just in a dream I had last night :-(

Steve Force,

Durham, North Carolina


My Professional Websites

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for home use?





2700-watt amp featuring patented Tracking Downconverter power supply

Frequency response: 16 Hz to 100 Hz (+0, -3 dB)

Measurement microphone and automatic internal contour compensation keeps it that way

Greater than 116 dB peak SPL with room gain

Input coupling is optical and accepts balanced, standard and high-level inputs

Bore 10 inches - stroke 2.35 inches (over 360 cubic inches total air volume displacement)

Crossover points variable from 30 Hz to 100 Hz

Input level (volume) control

Phase continuously adjustable 0° to 180°

Passive 70 Hz 6 dB per octave hi-pass line level output for satellite loudspeakers

Dimensions: 13" by 13" by 13"


Not as loud by any means but you said for home use. :D

You can stop now -jeremyc

STOP QUOTING EVERY THING I SAY!!! -Bass_god_offspring

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