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European basses

_Sweet Willie_

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have a look to manne's web site...i'm thinking about saving money to buy a fretless from 'em; i tried one a long time ago and it was a very good instrument.
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Man, this don't make no sense!!




Between Marleaux or Hotwire, I don't know which I want more!! :cry:

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two of my lesser-known favorites:


Jerzy Drozd de España




Kritz du Belgique




of course, there's also basslab in Germany and hot wire fender-style basses (from Germany, as well), but those should be fairly well known.



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I know some people have come to suspect that I have an endorsement deal with this factory :D Which - unfortunately - is not the case, but still :


D\'Alegria are very - and I mean VERY - high on my list of 'to get' basses. I want one of their Darts, preferably a fretless one ...



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Purdy wood on the Saibasses, but I have an issue with the basses that look like a whale.


We got a few lutherians up here in Sveeden as well. Here´s one: Mattissonbass


Uner the "Products" > "Info" you can get some pricing and under the "Pictures" you can click the thumbnails to get into the romantic mood.


I´ve hear good about this guy but he sure needs to get a proper gallery of his basses on his homepage.

What ever...
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