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Craig & all, I'm looking for recommendations. If you guys had to pick a stompbox(es) that would give you that funky, soaked, overdriven sound that you hear from guys like Van Halen, Lukather, etc. (i.e., max overdrive, but shy of being "metal"), what would that be? Your help is appreciated! -Ed Gorham ejgorham@syr.edu
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The Boss DS-1 distortion is probably the classic sound that a lot of those guys have used. I'm using a Roger Mayer Stone Fuzz but it is more of a fuzztone as the name says. It's pretty cool for those Jimi kind of things. I'm probably going to get a DS-1 too. I have an old Ibanez TS-808 for blues type overdrive too but I think a DS-1 would be cool to have.

Mac Bowne

G-Clef Acoustics Ltd.

Osaka, Japan

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