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Home Studio?


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A home brew M$ Windows 98 SE box with a few gigabyte size drives running:


1) Steinberg Nuendo

2) Acid 3.0

3) Hammerhead 1.0

4) Native Instruments B4

5) Native Instruments Reaktor

6) Recycle

7) Rebirth

8) An old Yamaha YS200 as a midi controller


In the market for an interface, a mixer and a new bass. I am doing it one piece at a time. It took me a few years to get this stuff. The software synth stuff is very kewl





Famous Musical Quotes: "I would rather play Chiquita Banana and have my swimming pool than play Bach and starve" - Xavier Cugat

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I love the Berhinger. It's a little 10 channel that I got for $60 when a local music store closed! :eek: Oh yeah, $60! It's quiet and has stood up through driving around a bunch and many-a-band practice and recording at other people's houses with VIOLENT bands. Good little box.
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I use my home studio for jingle work. It's centered around a Mac G4/dual 450 running MOTU Digital Performer 3.1 with MOTU 2408mkII and 24i audio interfaces. It's great to have 32 ins. I do nearly everything via MIDI with a Korg N1 as a controller, a loaded Kurzweil K2500RS (and sample libraries), a Roland XV3080, and a Proteus 2000. All my instruments run into the computer and get mixed in DP. Eventually, I'll add Mackie Control and ditch the mouse. I just do all the backing tracks at home and cut vocals at the studio of a friend who has better mics and an iso booth.
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Yes, I have a friend that owns a home studio and does professional recording there. I've recorded there before and learned how to edit with Pro Tools and such. I enjoy going every time I get the chance and the experiences of recording were great.
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stuff that i use:

echo audio mia

johnson j-station digital guitar preamp

midiman (pre m-audio) audio buddy mic preamp

cakewalk sonar 1.31 on windows XP Pro

crown CM-700 mics

AKG C1000s mics

shure SM-57 mics


stuff i don't use (but should):

HHB radius10 tube mic preamp

revox A77 1/4 inch reel-to-reel (broken)

sony reel-to-reel (don't recall the model number, haven't needed it yet)

fostex XR-7 tape 4track


my setup is very low-scale. some of the stuff i bought when i thought i wanted to start my own recording studio. i wisely abandoned that notion and now i just record my own stuff for my own edification. i would rather learn how to do it right before buying. plus, i don't have drums or really know a good drummer down here, so i don't want to obssess over everything while also making major compromises.



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