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Ben Folds

Tom Capasso

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Just got back from the Beacon Theatre.

Duncan Sheik was the opening act. He was very good - well written songs, great voice. He played acoustic guitar (and semi-acoustic), and had another guitar player doing some lead, some loop/e-bow/effects stuff. Cool.


Ben Folds comes on. Oh my... oh my ....

The guy can sing. The guy can play piano like crazy. The songs are so well written and constructed. But that's just the start...


He plays to the crowd and gets them involved - what a showman !!!! He gave us vocal or horn parts to sing - 2 and 3 part harmony - and had us do it before, during, and after the song. Sounded cool. He reworked a number of songs - completely different chord structures, melodies, etc. Did I mention the guy can play the piano? Wow.


He worked the end of one song into - chopsticks. Then proceeds to sing one of his songs to it. And it worked great!!


His chats with the crowd were so on, whether he was talking about how a song was written, or just fooling around with us ("I didn't cancel in November because of pseumonia - I was growing a mullet" (from "Army")). Did I mention how incredible the guy plays?


Here's the kicker. A few people kept calling out songs when he would stop to talk. It was a bit much, but the worst was the guy who kept calling out...


you guessed it




So while this is going on, Ben turns to the piano and plays the chords to Freebird, while singing "pee pee poop poop" etc. The he goes to the next part and sings "and this pooh you cannot change", and goes into the final chords while playing high register solo stuff. THEN he modulates into "Halvah Negilah" (sorry, I don't know how to spell it), with us all calling out "hey" at the end of every phrase. Incredible !!!!!


Great show !!!




Acoustic Color


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I saw Ben Folds 5, about four years ago here in Detroit. My daugher had turned me onto them. She was only 15 at the time, so I took her and her friends to the show. I dropped them off in front and I watched the concert out of her view.


He was very good, and he restored my faith in the contemporary singer songwriter/entertainer. He is definitely talented fella'.



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Saw them a few years ago. Train opened up for them. I listened to about 3 songs, wasn't too impressed with the live performance then. I went outside and hung with the members of Train...now that bass player is pretty good for an up and coming group!

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I first heard Ben Folds on WFUV from Fordham University, with the band. I LOVE his latest live album.

Maybe we can get him to come play at Outpost in the Burbs - it's just a few blocks from my house.


Tom, glad you got a chance to see a good one!



Tim from Jersey :thu:

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I'm a big Ben Folds fan (keyboards are my primary instrument). I've seen him with the BFF and with the "Rockin' the Suburbs" band. The guy can just flat out kill a piano. I'd hate to be the tech. :rolleyes: It's a testimonial to the much maligned current crop of Baldwin pianos.


There's something about his songwriting that just hits me. Sure, the comparisons to early Billy Joel and Elton John are easy. I hear some Joe Jackson, some Todd Rundgren, whether he was influenced by them or not. The ballads are touching, the humorous material kills me, and the rocking tunes just cook.


I like Duncan Sheik, too. Saw him do a club gig here last year. His debut album was very strong. He's an inventive songwriter and his songs consistently sound fresh.

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I love Ben Folds!! I have the Ben Folds 5 CD, but don't have his solo album, but I'm going to get it. The man is an absolute genius on the piano, and his songs are very well-written. Too bad the closest he'll ever get to me will probably be charlotte or atlanta...oh well, looks like another two hour drive!!
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