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Having confidence


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OH yeah...


Like so bad, I walked off the set thinking it inhaled big time...


Try the following,


Contact Circle of Songs, Taxi, ASCAP, and BMI...


Ask them if there are workshops around your area, these will always be a good place to reflect and perhaps enjoin in exchange, to get an idea of how they (songs) are fitting together...


Also the local JC or extension course, these have helped lots of folks get through the idioms and nuance of structure, non structure and general verse, B, Chorus and bridge, which are pervasive in modern writing, no matter what the genre...


Give it a try and stay the course, self reflection is the creative process in action, it's good and sometines, we use it too much...


Hang in there. :wave:



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Originally posted by shiner25:

My problem is i can write songs but dont have the confidence to play them to anyone LOL, as i feel they may be crap!, so how do i get past that anyone had that

You're not alone, Shiner. Look at it this way...your songs are probably astoundingly good. A lot of the people who write crappy songs insist on playing them for everyone everywhere. But wait, there's more...


This guy from Gainesville Florida moved out to L.A. to seek his fortune with about 100 songs he'd written. He cornered a producer who told him flat out, "Only about 10 of those songs are even good enough to record". But, he persisted. The guy was Tom Petty, by the way.


(Paul Harvey voice)


Good day... ;)

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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I think most everyone has that syndrome, especially at first.


How to get around it really depends on what you ultimately want to do with your songs. Do you intend to perform/record them yourself? Or do you want to try to sell them to others? Are you satisfied with your work or are you looking for critiques from other songwriters?


Your first step might be to find a songwriting workshop or informal writers' group where everyone is in the same boat as you. :D


For me, I like to work with a band, so my biggest hurdle is always finding musicians who I can play unfinished songs for and they'll have enough patience and imagination to see where I'm going with it.


The bottom line is finding some sort of "support group" whether musicians or fellow songwriters, preferably kind people that you feel comfortable around and are encouraging.

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Writing is an art. Like fine wine...it must be devolped over time. I have been writing and arranging for over 27 years and I am still learning how to do things better.


Sometimes, it takes thinking outside of the box to develop who you are as a writer. Just be patient and do not give up. Try to work on something each day if you can....even if you do not like it.


Other thoughts....


1) Try to surround yourself with those better at writing than you. You will learn from them and get better yourself.


2) Know and accept the fact that not everyone will like everything that you do and be okay with that because you will not even like everything you do.


3) Do not be afraid to ask what you might think is a silly or stupid question. The only silly or stupid questions are those not asked in the first place. I can tell you that it will definately shorten the learning curve.


4) Develop your own style. It is okay to try writing like someone else, but it is more important to be you and develop who you are as a writer.


Most of what I have learned over time is because of two things: 1) I have never been afraid to ask questions and 2) I have never allowed myself to be intimidated by those who are better than I, but to learn as I could from them.


I hope this helps. I am much, much better as a result of these things and you will be too! :cool:

Haven Music Productions

Tampa, FL


www DOT havenmp DOT com

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