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The setlist


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Hmmm...I'd think about starting the set with an attention grabber, but not necessarily a dance tune, because people probably aren't going to dance early in the set. Then hit 'em with a few dance tunes, get 'em boogeying. Then hit em with a couple of slow ones for a break. Then back to the boogey.


BUT...you've got to read the crowd and be prepared to toss the setlist in the can. If they aren't biting on the fast stuff...toss a couple slow ones in.


The main thing you want to do is have copies of the list as a guideline, not as written in stone, for the rest of the guys in the band, so they'll have an idea of what's coming up. Let the crowd lead you, but don't get so wrapped up trying to second guess the crowd that you'll hem and haw over tunes.

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Not as important as pacing but musical connections (key, etc.) are other aspects you might consider.

Sometimes you can create segments that flow together non-stop, or nearly so, also the impression made by the initial sound of a piece can be colored significantly by what precedes it.

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