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One of the best inventions ever

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The adjustable truss rod! How did they get along without it? I've read where Gibson tried gluing a piece of maple into a v slot and Martin tried a piece of ebony glued into a slot the entire length of the neck. I bet humidity changes made a guitar players life miserable back in those days.

The adjustable truss rod was invented by a Gibson employee, Thaddeus McHugh, and patented in 1921.


You go Thad! :thu:



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Originally posted by Phait:

I never adjust mine. Would probably break it.

Never turn it more than 1/8th of a turn at a time. If you've got a bow, turn clockwise, reverse bow; counter clockwise. Each time you turn it, grab the headstock and twist it back and forth to keep the thing from binding. Shouldn't take more than a slight turn or two to make a difference.


No worries.


And yes, absolutely cool invention except for solid rosewood necks. I've never had to adjust my two. The maple ones are a different story except for my 'boat' that's stable, even with flying to way different climates.

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