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"That Is Why You're Overweight" ......

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and other master of fun pieces by Eddie Harris and Bruce Swedien


"That Is Why You're Overweight"

Eddie Harris, Atlantic 1975



"The Reason Why I'm Talking Shit"

Eddie Harris, Atlantic 1975


"Playing with Myself"

Eddie Harris, RCA 1976


"Instant Death"

Eddie Harris, Atlantic 1974


How Can You Live Like That?

Eddie Harris, Atlantic 1976


I Need Some Money

Eddie Harris, Atlantic 1974


sorry Bruce, couldn't resist, i'm back to work !!!





-Peace, Love, and Potahhhhto
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"That Is Why You're Overweight". I remember that record when it came out. It was funny. I wouldn't say those comedy records were the highlight of Eddie Harrises career though. He was a great musician actually.

All the best,


Henry Robinett

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