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Happy Slapping Craze

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Is video messaging on cell phones a big thing over there?? Text, picture and video messages are huge over here, especially among kids, I hear that you guys don't use it so much. Can't see it catching on if the kids over there don't bother with the tech.


It's fun for the first 10 minutes of owning the phone, then I lost interest except for occasionally taking footage of my band, with even worse sound quality than we usually have. Maybe if I smack the drummer around it will make it more entertaining :D

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Oh, that's very nice. Hit someone and capture it on video so you can enjoy it over and over. I thought the story was going to make me HAPPY!




I'm turning into my Dad for sure... "What's this world coming too?"

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Too bad videotaping the commision of a crime (yes, assault is a crime...) with your phone is considered to be evidence. If the authorities confiscate the perp's phone, there's the proof they'd need for a conviction.




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Originally posted by BLAblablah:

Hope this doesn't cross the pond...we have enough problems over here! :eek:


We're far too litigious over here for anyone to be able to AFFORD to do this more than once.


Plus, the perp would spend a bit of time in jail ...

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That shit would never fly in New Orleans. The scenario would go something like this:


1) Teen punches woman waiting at bus stop. Other teens taunt her and capture the incident on their cell phones.


2) After woman recovers from shock of attack she uses her cell phone to call a cousin who lives in the lower 9th ward.


3) As teens are looking for another victim, a maroon SUV with 40" spinners rolls up and they are riddled with gunfire.

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