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Here comes the mugg

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All the time, I hear SoCal folks dissing the east coast weather, saying things like, "it won't rain out here again until october," and I must confess that it baffles me. Who would want to live without rain?! Who would want to live without four distinct, robust seasons? I've spent plenty of time in the SoCal mono-climate (San Diego mostly) and I love it, but it's like overcompressed music--no dynamics until the Santa Ana blows through and makes everyone miserable and/or criminal.


But in the last two days the muggy east Summer has made its first appearance, and this is the sh*t that literally makes me ill -- not the 10 below, which I actually dig in a perverse kind of way, but the 95 and humid--it's inhuman, I tell you. Get me out of here.

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