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Caution to Paypal users

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Hi Everybody,

I got a spoof email from those danged ole danged ole fraud perpetrators. It was riddled with typos, and pretty much reeked to high heaven of illegitimacy. It claimed to be a branch of paypal, and had detected recent suspicious activity on my account. Naturally, the need spelled out was for me to use their url to re-establish the account including password info. I just followed the paypal procedure and sent it on to spoof@paypal.com. Anyway, just thought I'd kind of put out a red flag about it.


Anybody else seeing this kind of scam?



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Yes, my publishing partner received this! The spoofer claimed there was suspicious activity from someone trying to log into the account from an overseas domain.


I knew it was a spoof right away when she sent it to me asking what we should do ... I'm the only contact for our PayPal account, and I received nothing.


I guess this instance is worth the reminder that, when you get an email regarding your online account and you must log in to PayPal or wherever to deal with the matter, it's better to go directly to the website by typing the URL ... don't click on the link provided in the email to get to your login page.

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yep i get paypal and ebay ones all the time, usually i dont even bother opening them cause they have my phone number, if its important enough i figure theyll call. like geekgurl said once they ask for you to sign in for something thats another give away, just remember never follow links in an email, even if your pretty sure its real, go to the site yourself and log in.
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