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Live 8 announced.

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It looks like we are going to have a 2nd Live Aide lot of concerts and its called Live 8.

The principle behind the whole drive is to not raise money for hungry, poverty striken people, but to put pressure on G8 to give more in aide and to abolish world debt for 3rd world countries.

I personally think its getting very political and I feel that that the only way we can banish poverty is by being a little more human about what and how we spend our money.

I just want to hear wheter you think its a political drive by Geldof and Co without being political or is it something that might make a difference and make us sit up and listen through music.

More info can be found at www.live8live.com

Please NO politics


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I was very excited about this having gone to the original.


Then I saw the line-up for Philly. :rolleyes: Stevie Wonder is the only person who I really like in that line up.


Dave Matthews and Maroon 5 are ok, but I can't say I'm really a fan (though Dave has a great band, I'm not crazy about his songs).


But I'm having reservations about wading through 500,000 people to see Bon-fucking-Jovi.


Boy, I wish I lived outsode of London. :cry:

I really don't know what to put here.
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The offical line up so far:




Will Smith (host)

Bon Jovi

Maroon 5

Dave Matthews Band

Sarah McLachlan

Rob Thomas

Keith Urban

Jay Z

Stevie Wonder

50 Cent

Kaiser Chiefs

P. Diddy




Mariah Carey




Elton John

Annie Lennox

Paul McCartney




Scissor Sisters

Snow Patrol



Joss Stone

Robbie Williams


Velvet Revolver

Bob Geldof

The Killers


The Cure






Crosby, Stills & Nash

Lauryn Hill

Die Toten Hosen

Peter Maffay

Brian Wilson




Andrea Bocelli

Craig David

Calo Gero



Yannick Noah

Youssou N'Dour


Axelle Red

Johnny Halliday

Manu Chao





Irene Grandi

Faith Hill


Tim McGraw


Laura Pausini

Duran Duran

Vasco Rossi


I really don't know what to put here.
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Originally posted by ryst:

Damn! When I saw the thread title, I thought this was gonna be a HUGE upgrade to Ableton Live. Oh well. :(

:D:D me too!


Jesus Is Coming, Make Music, Get Ready!

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Shars - yeah tickets are free but you've gotta win them by text message, and the texts will cost £1.50. There's no limit to how many texts you can send so some people are gonna spend hundreds on texts and might not even get going.


OK they didn't manage to keep this a secret very well, but don't ya reckon they've done an great job organising all this!?


Yeah the Philly line-up is poor but I like the London one, I think it's well varied. I was a bit worried there would be too many 'now' bands. What I mean by that is bands who are big now but will probably be forgotten about in 10-20 years. I think they've got a good mix of acts there though, should be a good show.


The people of Edinburgh aren't too happy though - with Bob Geldof & Midge Ure encouraging millions of people to descend on the city. I might go up 'coz my sister's there and I have friends there so at least I have somewhere to stay but it's gonna be chaos.


Interesting to see how this all works for the Make Poverty History campaign, which is what it's actually all about of course.

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I'll trade you a Mariah Carey, Madonna AND I'll throw in a Joss Stone for Bon Jovi anyday!!!!


But yeah, we do seem to have generally the best line-up...


I was just reading that there is some uproar that there are not enough black artists on the bill. The excuse is that, even tho England has lots of talented 'urban' acts, they are unknown in, say, Rome.


Looking at Paris, who the heck is Yannick Noah?!?! Simple solution seems to be don't send the talented urban acts to Rome, have them play London!!!!! Then again, I don't like stuff described as 'urban', but hey, it's a nice varied line-up so far :D


Anyone going to any of the various shows????

Fa Fa FA Fa fa fa fa fa FA fa FA FA
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Nah we have to keep Joss Stone! She and her band are seriously good live. I don't think she'd be the right person to open the show though, bring back Status Quo!


I saw the debate about not enough black acts. To be honest I hadn't even noticed until it was brought up. I don't look at colour, I think of the music. Most of these 'urban' acts that were mentioned will probably be forgotten about in ten years anyway. I do see their point though, but I think in raising that issue they're causing more problems than they're hoping to solve. Now if BobG adds some black acts to the line-up people will say it's coz of the debate. Besides, some idiots say Joss Stone is urban 'coz she sings soul music and most of her band are black.


This will never match the original Live Aid b'coz I get the impression most people went there for the cause and not because of who was or wasn't playing. I think this time it will be much more about who's playing there and although that's unavoidable, it's not the right way to look at it.


I'll try and get tickets, but I'll only send a couple of texts so I doubt I'll win seeing as thousands of people will be texting all day. Why can't ours be free and unticketed like everywhere else!? If I do win though, there's an excuse for a get-together eh Base! Oh and I totally support your avatar btw! ;)

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If I don't win tickets I'll probably still go since it's not too far for me, I'm sure you'll be able to hear from a nearby bar :thu:


Definitely let me know if you're down for it tho...!

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The question is so easy, why have they even bothered?!


Hmm, it's a geography question about European cities, maybe it's to keep the Americans out?! :idea:


*Dashes off on hols again to avoid the fallout*


Kidding :D

Fa Fa FA Fa fa fa fa fa FA fa FA FA
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I'd go to Rome to see Zucchero. Good stuff. I got turned on to his music quite by accident, a guy I taught guitar to, who only liked straight blues, bought one of his CDs, thinking it was straight up blues. It's not. He also did a really cool tune at a very bizarre concert headlined by Luciano Pavarotti, that featured a huge variety of acts. Irene Grandi also performed. She's quite a good performer, but in the "Celine Dion" vein. Not quite my cup of tea.


Good to see they're adding some more cities to that thing.


Well, actually, I don't think I'd fly all the way to Rome just to see one act. I mean, if I happened to be there, that'd be cool.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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