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Mic Info Needed

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I'm looking to replace an older U-87 which is starting to show it's age, and came across an article in Keyboard Mag for the SE Electronics Gemini.




If the SE promo literature and the KB article's glowing review are for real, this might be my next mic. Wondering if anyone has hands-on experience with this model, or any of the SE products? Thanks, Paul :)

WUDAYAKNOW.. For the first time in my life, I'm wrong again!!
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I can't help you with that level of microphone, but I do own 3 of SE's lower budget mics.


I have a pair of SE1As and most of the time I get great results with them. I'm very happy with them, especially consider how cheap they were.


I also have an SE2200A. This I am not convinced by. It is OK though and I know I can't expect miracles at the price I paid. One some occasions it has performed very well, but during one session a couple of weeks ago it bizarrely stopped working all of a sudden, giving me a tiny signal that was totally unusable. We checked and double checked every possibility that day and were baffled. However, I checked it again one last time before calling SE and it was fine again!


Like I said, I'm talking about their budget mics here so my experiences may not relate to your situation at all, but I thought I'd share them anyway!


Good luck


John Scott

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