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Modern Radio: Good Songs, Bad Songs, you know I've had my share...

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Well them Van Zant boys got a song on country radio now, and I like it... then there's that other country song I like, something about How do you get that lonely and nobody knows..


Then they played an oldie, "She's in Love with the boy," which song I always liked too... can't remember who sang it,though :(


That's sort of a record for a radio station these days, three songs in a row that i like... The next thing they played was something called "My Give a Damn's busted" which was so corny and formulaic... plus it really suffered in comparison to the three pretty good songs that had been played before it...


So I switch over to classic rock.. no help there... ever since that comment about "drums that sound like wet cardboard" I can't listen to Bad Company any more :(


So I switch over to "Gainesville's Rock Alternative"...more mind numbing bad cliched music... but at least the songs are kinda new to me, so I keep listening...


Then I hear a song I really like.... Wow, that sounds brilliant... I really like that one...


So whom is it by?? The stupid announcerdude doesn't even say, just starts making lame jokes about his girlfriend. :mad: That's so stupid... so lame...


WHY would a radio announcer not say who performed a recording he had just played???




Fortunately there was younger person on the premises who did recognize the song in question. It was by a group called Audioslave. Okay, thanks. Cool name, great sound. Aparently

they've all been in some other bands, but since modern radio announcers don't give out that sort of info any more, I wonder how anybody is supposed to know that??? :confused:

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T, Audioslave is made up of the former lead singer of Soundgarden and most of the former members of Rage Against the Machine. The guitarist, Tom Morello, is one of the best and most innovative rock guitarists of the last 15 years.


I know what you mean about radio; I live on the other side of the country and it's no better here. I like a wide variety of music (pretty much anything except hip hop/rap) and it amazes me that, not only can I not listen to one station for more than two songs in a row, often I'll be in the car and go through ten preset stations, over and over, and be unable to find anything I want to listen to.

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Originally posted by TrancedelicBlues:

So I switch over to "Gainesville's Rock Alternative"...

He said "Gainesville". Heh heh.


Go Gators!!



There are two theories about arguing with a woman. Neither one works.
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