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Frankly, I'd rather, in this particular case, he wasn't deported after he's released. At least here in the states he'd be subject to sex criminal tracking.


It may have been an aberration, it may have been related to drunkeness... but anyone who's capable -- in any mental state or level of intoxication -- of (repeated) violations of a child so young should be carefully watched for the rest of his life.

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Part of me says there must be more to this, for him to get so few years for assaulting a 10 year old child, sexually assaulting a 10 year old child, and fathering a child with said 10 year old child. Another part makes me want to slap the judge upside the head and ask, "Is this really your best work as a judge?!?"


The excuses given of his wife being unavailable, sexually, to him in the late stages of her pregnancy and alcohol abuse are the most pathetic excuses I've ever heard for a reduced sentence.


If that works, this would be a similar situation:


"Gee, I have lots and lots of bills. I'm under huge pressure to cover my debts. That'll make great mitigating circumstances for the armed robbery I pulled in which someone was shot. How many years off can I get for having responsibilities??" :rolleyes:

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The judge ordered five years of post-prison supervision for Alvarado but said, "You're probably going to be deported (to Mexico) after the sentence."
I suppose that the judge spared the man a full sentence since he didn't know any better.... :rolleyes:


Bring it on BUBBA :evil::evil::evil: Give this pervert what he deserves. Send him back to Mexico singing suprano.

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