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So I rent this house from the department of natural resources. I run my teaching business and my recording business through the house, but the landlord decided they wanted to bulldoze the place and I have to get out. :cry: Ive been living here for 12 years.


Problem is that anything around here costs 4 times as much to rent something half as big.


So now I need a new place to stay and a real job, because I doubt I'll afford any kind of place near here, where I will be able to rebuild my studio with what my existing business provides me.


Perhaps someone could hand me a golden oppurtunity and get me the heck out of dodge.


things I have thought about:


Engineering at xm radio, to which my only contact there responded forget it, nobody here is gonna hire you.


Gettting a job at a real studio, but all the studios are farming their own employees with music schools, so theres no job to be gotten there.


Switching over to live sound, becoming a stagehand and working my way up to soundguy, dodging any sm58's that may be flung towards my teeth.


Teaching drums again. I like teaching drums but the money wouldnt be enough to sustain a apartment or a room for rent for that matter.


here's a link to my resume...



perhaps some wise voice will come from within and steer me to the right destiny.



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12 years is a good long time to get "homed-in" to a place, too.


Wish i could help ya ECB, but all i can say is i'm really sorry this is happening. Good luck man, and keep us posted!

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