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Top 5 Memories

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Reading THIS made me think it would be a good idea for a topic. Tho it irritates the hell out of me that after everything my country has achieved, most Brits think winning a poxy football tournament is among the greatest things we have ever done (I will probably now show up on the police most wanted list for typing that :D )?!?!?!? :freak:


So what are your top 5 personal, national (to whichever country you call home) and international memories...


I will answer but thought I'd throw it out for discussion while I ponder...

Fa Fa FA Fa fa fa fa fa FA fa FA FA
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Well, some of the top 5 personal memories I am too much a gentleman to discuss on this forum. Let's just say three ladies in a hot tub full of raspberry jello. NO, wait, that wasn't me. :D


Seriously, though, there are good memories and bad memories...


Hmmm...well, I think general memories, not national-specific, and we'll leave the obvious ones out (like losing one's virginity)...


Good (in chronological order):

My childhood in Virginia, my high school talent assembly, my wedding, the birth of my kids, a particularly good night sitting in with some friends in a Michigan club.




I won't bring this down by including those...


I just snuck a peek at the BBC article, and I'll agree, the birth of my kids tops the list...and that includes my grandgoober.

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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