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Listening Environment

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I have just joined this forum and am looking for advice on my listening/recording environment and speaker placement.


The room is 16 ft. X 14 ft. and approximately 9 feet in height. The problem is one end of the room (16 ft length) has a sloping ceiling which slopes pretty drastically from 9 ft. to just under 5ft. feet. There are no other real irregularities with the room. I am using both mid and near field monitors. I was mostly concerned with the mid fields.




I was hoping to get some suggestions with the best way to deal with the sloping ceiling problem I just moved in.





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Welcome to the forum. :wave:


I would think diffusers of some sort would help. I don't have any specific recommendations for you though.


There are lots folks on this forum more expertise than I have on acoustics, so I would suggest waiting for some more enlightened comments.

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Check out Ethan Winer's forum, where they discuss this sort of thing (I'm not saying don't post this here, but just saying that his forum is devoted to this very important aspect of recording!!). Also, I have a thread about the acoustic treatment panels that I just got called RealTraps MiniTraps, which are astounding...I just got four of them, and my room sounds so much better. The bass is more focused, and the imaging is WAAAAAY better.

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I think what you need the most is absorption. Is nice to hace a slope in the ceiling that gives the room a little more "air". But you want to make sure you place your speakers in front of the 5 feet wall pointing to the 9 feet wall, if you do the oposite you would have a lot of trouble.


Treating the corners in the room should be the priority. By doing that you would fix one of the most problematic issues in listening eviroments: bass response.


Hope it helps.

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