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The Apprentice UK

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I understand you guys have this show in the States!

Dam, we had the final show today and it was fantastic!

Tim Campbell won which was exactualy who I wanted to win and he gets a 100k job at Amstrad with Sir Alan Sugar! :eek:


Whats it like in the US and is it as hard going as it was here with different tasks each week for a team?


Tell you what, I wouldn't mind going on the new show myself...Kick some arse and do some jammy deals. :D I hear the next show is looking for people, should I try and go for it or am I to timid? What do you reckon? :D Maybe Base wants to join me :D

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You should try. They like people who are go-getters. Sounds like you, Shars.


We've had several seasons of Apprentice. Donald Trump originated the series and hires the winner of each season to work for one of his companies.


The past two were interesting and won by decent candidates. This one is down to the final three. (Interviews to weed out one more candidate are tomorrow night.) I don't see a good candidate left. Frankly, I didn't see but one decent candidate from the beginning.


That said, I hope Kendra wins. She's been rather a background player who was talked down to by some of her team-mates, but she's shown the most creativity and put in an all-nighter, by herself, to finish a project while her whiny team-mates went back to the suite in Trump Tower and slept. She was the team that week. Another team mate attemtped to steal her thunder by taking over her presentation (Not only was she the one who did the work, she also was team leader that week.) but finally she took control from a rude team-mate and really sold the project to the judges, executives of an American car company for whom they had created a booklet advertising a new, sporty car. The car company execs liked it so well that they pledged, on their own, to use the concept for the unveiling of the car.


I looked forward to each season (this one was "book-smart" college grads vs. "street-smart" high school graduates) but I was very disappointed by both teams this season.

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Originally posted by fantasticsound:

They like people who are go-getters.

That's me out then :D


I haven't seen it, this is the reality show where they try to get a really good job, right?? Can't I just win Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and never work again? Please...?

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I'd like to phone a friend Chris, just type the question onto Musicplayer.com and wait 30 seconds for 200 different answers :D
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