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May the 4th be with you!

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I celebtrated by eating a Chalupa Taco Salad from Quintanas for lunch - Mmmm Mmmm good!


No Coronas for lunch, though. Maybe after work....




"I prefer to beat my opponents the old-fashioned way....BRUTALLY!!!!"
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I hope this doesn't get this thread bumped to the political forum, but to avoid the papers using that gag is the reason our election is tomorrow and not today... :D



Fa Fa FA Fa fa fa fa fa FA fa FA FA
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I don't want to get heavy but, Kent State Day.


oh, already a thread on the political forum.


Quick! get me some birthdays.

Jazz musician Ron Carter is 68. Rock musician Dick Dale is 68. Singer-songwriter Nick Ashford is 63. Jazz musician Maynard Ferguson is 77. Opera singer Roberta Peters is 75.


there! I also saw a Funkadelic show on May 4 in MPLS a long long time ago.

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Originally posted by fantasticsound:

I met a girl in an art museum one day.


She said, "Do you like Monet or Manet?"


I said, "I like mayonnaise ."


She left. I wonder if she went to get me some mayonnaise ? :confused:

I would have told her my favorite impressionist is Kevin Pollack. His Shatner is hilarious! :D
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By the way, May 4 is also "International Respect for Chickens Day"


Read the press release


"International Respect for Chickens Day is a day to celebrate the dignity, beauty, and life of chickens and to protest against the bleakness of their lives in farming operations,"
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Billster, you had me right up to:


Bird specialists agree that chickens are highly intelligent individuals with social skills that Professor John Webster calls "pretty close to culture - and an advanced one at that.
I don't know Professer Webster's qualifications, but I don't think you get to be a teenager without recognizing chickens are one of the dumbest animals to walk the earth. Still, that doesn't mean they should suffer as chickens do in dairy and poultry farms.


I still like how they taste. Is that wrong? (Note the deliberate absence of smileys.)

It's easiest to find me on Facebook. Neil Bergman




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May 4th may be an ordinary day for most of the country,but over here it's traditionaly Opening day at Belmont Park http://www.horseswild.com/bc2001/images/mdf75564.jpg
"A Robot Playing Trumpet Blows"
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The 4th of may is remembrance day in the Netherlands. We remember all the brave people who lost their lives in WW2.


At 8.00 pm the whole country has a two minutes silence, trains are standing still, traffic also and almost everybody pays respect for those who gave their life.


Today it's the 5th and we celebrate the liberation of our country.


Peace to all! :thu:

The alchemy of the masters moving molecules of air, we capture by moving particles of iron, so that the poetry of the ancients will echo into the future.
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