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MOTU updates for OS X.4

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MOTU has Tiger updates for their interfaces.


Also, they have a fully functioning, 14 day demo of their MX4 ver2 synth (it's really incredible) in AU format (even works in Garageband). I highly recommend it.


Just an FYI.

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Thanks for the head's up, zeronyne. :cool:


Also for what it's worth:


Originally posted at MOTU.com :

The latest shipping version of Digital Performer (Version 4.52) is already Tiger compatible. No update is necessary.



Click on the link below for more:


MOTU Tiger Compatibility: now shipping





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Yea, I think the MX4 thing sounds good. I've been using DP for years. I remember running it on a SE. It's all i've ever used. I feel like a traitor today...I ordered Logic Pro this morning. I'm gonna give it a try. I'm just not that happy with the way DP runs these days. The midi thing really bugs me. I don't know that i'll jump ship next week, but maybe...I'm using 10.3.9, dp 4.5.2, a dual 2.5 w/ 4.5 gigs ram and the powercore firewire and DP is buggy. I figure I'll try something else and see if it feels better. it's worth a try....
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