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100 + Dead in Argentina club fire...

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shit. I woke up to this...


From BBC News.



Scores die in Argentina club fire


Reports say fireworks may have led to the blaze

At least 149 people have died in a fire at a crowded nightclub in the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires.

More than 360 people were injured when the fire broke out late on Thursday, city officials said.


As many as 6,000 people were inside the club for a performance by rock group Los Callejeros, reports say.


Officials do not yet know what caused the blaze, but witnesses say a celebratory flare was set off and foam in the ceiling caught fire.


They say the building quickly filled with smoke and that people rushed for the emergency exits.


Many fainted from smoke inhalation. Bystanders and concert-goers carried people out of the smouldering building.


Smoke is believed to have killed many of the dead, and it is feared the number of casualties could rise further, says the BBC's South America correspondent Elliott Gotkine.


'We could barely see'


"Parts of the roof started falling down in flames and people started running, knocking over the speakers and light stands," Fabian Zamudeo, 22, told the Associated Press news agency.


"People were choking on smoke and I tried to push as many people out as I could," he said.


"People were pushing and jumping over each other trying to get out," Jose Maria Godoy, told AP.


"It was like a human wave. As people fell down running for the door, others just simply ran over them or pushed them down."


An unidentified concert-goer told a local television station: "We could barely see, there was so much smoke."


Young club-goers at the nightclub helped emergency crews rush the injured to ambulances.


Bodies were reported to be lined up on the pavement as fire crews and rescue teams helped people out of the club.


The Republica Cromagnon venue is said to be popular with young people.


Parents have been rushing to the scene looking for their children.

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Let me guess, "Great White" was playing down there? :(


I think if you look through recent history, some of the deadliest disasters have been club fires. So tragic and preventable. As if the world needs more tragedy right now. :(:cry:

"Cisco Kid, was a friend of mine"
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The band had apparently told people not to light off fireworks, too...in Argentina, it's apparently common for rock crowds to do this.


The club had some of the doors locked shut to try and stop people from sneaking in.

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