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Moog : The Movie

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I saw the movie in the theatre, and definitely recommend it. It's a very good documentary, and it has lots of snippets of various musicians using the Moog. Mr. Moog seems like an awesome guy, a guy that you would really want to hang out with, as he comes across as thoughtful, well-spoken, intelligent, philosophical, and spiritual. The movie is lovingly shot, with slow pans across Moog keyboards while they are being built, and various interviews with luminaries such as Walter Sears and Keith Emerson.
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I read something somewhere about how the filmaker obviously didn't have a huge budget, and after seeing the film, I agree. There isn't much in the way of big famous Moog performances (probably because it would have cost too much to get rights to the footage).


What I really liked about it was hearing Bob talk about his connection with the instruments. I have felt that way with some instruments in the past, and I really miss that in most new gear that is released.


The music performance that is included is almost entirely from Moogfest, and there are no complete performances (and the performances, IMO, were spotty at best).


But then, the performances weren't the main character of the film. Bob stole the show.

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