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Recycling CD-R's

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I get these CD-R's all the time now with tunes to learn. This used to come in the form of cassette tapes.

The nice thing about the tapes, was that you could add music to them, or simply erase and reuse them.

Not with CD-R's.


Right now, as I look at my CD-R collection, I can see that I have enough drink costers to last me awhile, so I'm really to a point where I'm ready to pitch the rest.


Does anybody have any recomendations regarding how one might recycle these things, or are they destined for the landfill?


And, by the way, I've discussed the use of CD-RW with the band leader, and because they don't work in all CD players, they are NOT an option. So it looks like I'm stuck with CD-R's for the time being.

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Super 8, if you're just doing one or two songs to learn at a time use Shorten to compress them and transfer them over the net via ptp, Yahoo briefcase IM or one of the other chats. Or, you can ftp them up and down to a webspace.


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Print a picture on them, add some text underneath, frame them & put them on your walls. Do this a few dozen times and visitors will be mightily impressed and think you are very succesful in the music business.


Or, serious suggestion here, give them to an art student or art college to make, erm, arty things like collages with.

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Originally posted by Super 8:

These are great ideas, and if it were up to me I would have already implemented them. But unfortunately, this is not something I am in charge of, so I am kind of stuck.


I guess I really just need to know if they can be recycled or not.

Send them back to the origin, along with continued requests for e-mailed MP3's. they'll get it eventually. Include some save the planet sitckers or other such earth-friendly materials.

Hope this is helpful.


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The type of plastic they use in CDs is not recyclable. Unfortunately, the smart ass comments here are your only options. Although I liked the idea of sending them back, requesting emailed MP3's in the future.

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If you actually want to RECYCLE discs, then go here:




Select "electronics" as your search category, add, "compact discs" to your search string, and a whole bunch of places will be listed. Most say they "reuse" (like, you donate them for the content on them), but some say they "recycle". Not just in Santa Clara County, in CA where I live, but other states as well from what I can tell. I've actually been saving mine up to take to one of my local recyclers. Some charge a nominal fee, but, hey, you're keeping this stuff out of the landfills.


As you can see, you can find places to recycle a bunch of other stuff, too. That all may be more local to SF Bay Area; I haven't researched those areas.





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