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Better entertainment than one guy and a guitar....

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Can't deny the funk factor in this, and the work it took to put it together. A perfect 30 minute opening act (much more might get old).

Gleened from the downward spiralling Guitar Player mag of 12-04. (Yeah..even a short Shatner interview of HIS new album "Has Been"...sheesh).


(Check out the pics, the vids, and the Bots. Ya s'pose that guys git player is playing in open G, or something. Gotta give him kudos for pulling this off. MIDI controlled servos? Pneumatic? Combo? Quite ingenious). Have fun. We did.



Tele Kinesis

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When I saw the fuzzier pics, it looked like robot guitar was playing something like a sitar. Then I saw clearer pics, and it HAS to be pneumatic "fingers" across the board in an open G, or something. Quite interesting to me still. Even though the lead live guy goes through hell, I bet the other "band members" don't mind the pay split.


Tele Kinesis.

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