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recording a didgeridoo

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Hell...I would like to know how difficult is to play one...then I'll worry about recording it! :)


I've been wanting to get one just to have for some occasional "ear candy"...but I'm not sure if it takes a lot of practice to make proper didgeridoo sounds...?


I played a bit of clarinet and sax...a loooooong time ago...so I'm somewhat familiar with wind instruments...though it may not be of much help as far as a didgeridoo goes...???

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Originally posted by John Sayers:

I've usually let the player sit crosslegged on the floor and place the end of his didge on the floor - normal setup for didge players - I then lay a mic (Beyer M88 or similar) on a cloth on the floor around 6" in front of it.




a didge is designed to hear from a very long distance. 1 mike won't do the trick,...the bass sounds aren't picked up when close to the didge,.. I prefer to record them at 50 centimeters,...2 meters and 10 meters,...three mikes ,..three tracks,...just mix those to the sound of your liking.

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